New USAD Guidelines for 2021-2022

Melissa GriffithsNews, Uncategorized

Due to continued grading issues caused by the pandemic in many schools and districts throughout the country, GPA for the 2021-2022 competition season will be calculated in accordance with the following:  

  • GPA will be based on one academic year of calculable grades (letter and/or numerical grades and not pass/fail), not two years as in the past.  
  • Terms without calculable grades cannot be used.  
  • Grades used from the 2019-2020 academic year, including summer grades, must be calculated in the same way they were calculated for the 2020-2021 competition season.  
  • Finding 12 months of calculable grades may require using graded terms from a year or two before the pandemic.

The 12 months of calculable grades may be separated by non-calculable terms (i.e. there may be a term or terms not used chronologically in the middle of the terms used).