The Academic Decathlon and Pentathlon programs hold State Competitions where students can earn medals, trophies and scholarships. The winning teams represent Alaska at the U.S. Academic Decathlon and Pentathlon National Competitions. Decathletes and Pentathletes with the highest overall scores are eligible to earn thousands of dollars in scholarships, including scholarships specific to the University of Alaska.

The programs' premier partner, Alaska 529, will provide more than $36,000 in scholarships to over 20 Alaska Academic Decathlon and Pentathlon participants. High school students can earn up to $4,000 and middle school students can earn up to $2,000.


Your scholarships

Scholarships earned in 2022 and into the future can be managed through Alaska 529. Alaska 529 is an education savings plan designed to make saving for education easy. You can use your Alaska 529 account tax-free for education expenses* both in and out of Alaska. Visit Alaska 529's website to learn more and manage your scholarships.

Manage your scholarships

Scholarships earned in 2021 and before must be redeemed within four years. Use the form linked below to redeem your scholarships.  

Redeem Scholarships