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"I love this program, not only for the academic challenges it gives us, and the engaging curricular approach to the various subject areas, but also for the opportunity it gives to boost the self confidence of our participants. I’ve seen our students grow as learners, speakers, and team members through this program. From the bottom of my heart, QUYANAQPAK!"
Joanna Wassillie, Bering Strait School District


Alaska Academic Decathlon Program Information

Academic Decathlon is a state and national team competition that challenges students to strive for academic excellence. The program can be offered as an elective or as an after-school, extracurricular, activity. The Academic Decathlon is considered one of the premier scholastic competitions for high school students and requires extensive reading to prepare for the ten events. Students are expected to participate in all events and are not allowed to specialize in any given subject area. 

What is a team?

Academic Decathlon teams consist of three students from each category (Honors, Scholastic and Varsity) and up to two alternate team members. 

United States Academic Decathlon Categories and GPA Requirements:

GPA Requirement

How do I recruit students?

We will have fliers and other marketing material to help you recruit students. We suggest reaching out to guidance counselors and other teachers within your district to help identify students who would enjoy the program. Once you have a few students interested, let them help with the recruitment process!


Alaska Academic Decathlon Participation Fee (including participation at the State Competition): $575 per team.

Curriculum Costs: Each team must use the United States Academic Decathlon curriculum. New teams are eligible to receive the online version of the curriculum at no cost. Curriculum costs can vary from $700 to $1500. 

Regionals and State Competitions: Regional events are organized by individual schools/coaches and can be online or in person. All new teams will be invited to participate in regional events that typically occur in December and January. An online scrimmage takes place in January (please check the calendar on this website for dates).

The four-day State Competition will take place on the University of Alaska Anchorage campus February 19-22, 2025. Teams are responsible for their own travel and accommodation costs for the State Competition.

Nationals: Alaska’s Academic Decathlon State Champions are invited to participate in the United States National Competition, May 1-3, in Des Moines, Iowa.