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"I love this program, not only for the academic challenges it gives us, and the engaging curricular approach to the various subject areas, but also for the opportunity it gives to boost the self confidence of our participants. I’ve seen our students grow as learners, speakers, and team members through this program. From the bottom of my heart, QUYANAQPAK!" - White Mountain Coach

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What is the Alaska Academic Decathlon?

Aligned with Alaska's Education Challenge and National Standards, the Academic Decathlon is one of the premier high school scholastic programs - both here in Alaska and nationwide. Students challenge themselves and compete for medals as individuals and as an integral part of a team.
Thanks to our partnerships, we offer $28,000 in Alaska 529 college scholarships to any participating student (including rural student scholarships!) AND an additional $9,000 in University of Alaska scholarships to seniors interested in attending UAA, UAF, or UAS.
Academic Decathlon Highlights:
  • FREE curriculum to new teams
  • Can be offered as a class or an after-school activity
  • Creates a micro-culture within the larger school environment where students can thrive
  • Improves student achievement and builds confidence
  • Rigorous and FUN scholastic activity that explores ten subjects based on a yearly theme
  • Online State Scrimmage in January, four-day State Competition on UAA Campus in February  - many schools hold regional events.
The curriculum for both programs transfer across core content areas to increase student performance in Literature, Mathematics, Science, Social Science and the Arts (other subjects include Economics, Essay, Speech and Interview).
Each team is comprised of students with varying abilities and GPAs (Honors: 3.8+, Scholastic: 3.2-3.8, Varsity: 0-3.2). Students compete individually against students in their same category and as a team. Each year the curriculum is based on a different theme.


*Teams from smaller school districts can form a team from multiple schools or even districts. Teams that don't have a full team (two to three students of each category) can still attend the State Competition where students can earn subject medals and scholarships!

"The confidence students gain through their participation in Academic Decathlon is immeasurable. The thematic connections among the subject areas combined with public speaking and interviewing gives our rural students a wider world-view and a greater confidence that I have not seen replicated in any other program to date."
- Bering Strait School District Coach

"The Academic Decathlon not only provides an opportunity to delve deeper into and improve in academic areas but also offers an opportunity to experience and improve the soft skills necessary to work independently. Students learn to set goals and develop tactics to reach them; they learn strategies to make them better public speakers and impressive interviewees; and they become a part of a group that gives them a sense of belonging that bolsters confidence and perseverance."

- Hutchison High School Coach

"The Academic Decathlon program aids in fostering critical thinking, cooperation, and teamwork in our young adults, giving them the confidence and skills they need to transition into adulthood. I have seen transforming growth in our students in leadership skills, personal confidence, and personal hope for their own futures."

- IDEA Coach

"Students who live in small towns have few opportunities to see the world. The Academic Decathlon has been a way in which my students can expand the view of what it means to be not only a high school student, but a member of both a local and global society. The experiences, the learning, and scholarships that students can attain with this program are amazing. Without this program, many of my students would never have moved out of the shadows and learned how to take on new adventures - both academically and socially."

- Craig Coach
Alaska Academic Decathlon is a program of

SERRC - Alaska's Educational Resource Center